Choosing your family doctor is an important decision. With a mixture of age and youth, male and female doctors, we have a team member who is the right fit for you and your loved ones. Our doctors want to get to know you and your family and provide a continuous service with a doctor you know and trust. It makes our job easier, we get better health outcomes for our patients and most of all.. our patients love it. 

From humble beginnings our foundation doctors were some of the first to move to the region during its awakening from sleepy farming village to the bustling hub of the Australian alternative community. As the town has grown and changed so have we.... adding new doctors which reflect the changing demographics of our community. We now boast 9 doctors on staff who have a broad range of skills covering the length and breath of general practice care.

We also pride ourselves on fulfilling our obligation to train the doctors of the future. We regularly host registrar doctors who are putting finishing touches on their general practice skills prior to independent practice as well as Medical Students who we are hoping to encourage to pursue careers in General Practice in the future.